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  1. Samsung Galaxy Overkill

    I am usually a big advocate of improving specs year on year but I do think we are reaching the height of the curve. Especially the 2k screen. Surely this is overkill? I can’t see the pixels on my iPhone and while I understand this has a bigger screen, it just seems like too much. Maybe, manufacturers should start focusing on features over specs. Maybe they should look at companies like Yota. At least they are trying.

  2. Tesco Hudl 2 Incoming as Demand for Original Outweighs Supplies | Gizmodo UK

    Mightily interested in one of these. Simply for value for money; I don’t need one at all.

  3. Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple Another $290 Million | Cult of Mac

    Please do it in Quarters this time…

  4. The Throwable, Panoramic Ball Cam Is Finally Here—and It's Incredible

    So simple but what a great idea. Shame about the price. I’ll wait for v2.

  5. CHARGEKEY for iPhone and Android by NOMAD | Indiegogo

    Just gone for it…

  6. Possibly the best GIF ever...

  7. The fall of Blackberry (née RIM)

    “The fact that a Canadian company was able to compete in that space with two of the largest tech companies in the world is a big deal. People counted IBM, Apple and other companies out only to be proven wrong. I am rooting that they are wrong on BlackBerry as well.”

    I hope so too…

  8. Love this…

  9. chartier:




  10. How fast is the 5S?

    Informative and funny. Gruber at his best.

    So, how fast is the iPhone 5S? I ran a few popular web browser benchmarks to see how the 5S compared to the iPhone 5. (I tested the 5C too, but as stated above, it performed almost identically to the 5, as expected.) The results (average of three runs, after a device reboot): WebKit Sunspider 1.0.1: 1.8x faster (408 vs. 716, smaller is faster) Google Octane 1.0: 1.9x faster (5,576 vs. 2,984, bigger is faster) Mozilla Kraken 1.1: 2.4x faster (5,948 vs. 13,937, smaller is faster) To put that in context, the iPhone 5S beats my 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro by a small measure in the Sunspider benchmark (with the MacBook Pro running the latest Safari 6.1 beta). The iPhone 5S is, in some measures, computationally superior to the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro from just five years ago. In your fucking pocket.

    That last sentence nearly killed me.